Backyard Escape

Pavestone Patios & Decks

Patios are the key to making your backyard an exciting place to extend your living area, eat and welcome guests. Make your existing concrete or bare landscape a beautiful haven for family, friends and hosting parties. By choosing patio paving, you are investing in style and long lasting quality. Based out of Walnut Creek, California, Majestic Interlock Paving offers unique and personal patio designs that fit your space with a patio that meets your needs.

What might you do with your new living space? Find patio furniture that fits the look of your dreams and enhanced by the area your pavers have created. You might choose to go with a traditional, classic, or modern look for your patio bricks, and then match your dining or conversation set to complete the experience. If the space is large enough, you can purchase multiple sets with different seating arrangements. Enhance the space further with potted plants, heat lamps, or fire pits for year round outdoor excitement. Now you have the ideal location for your barbeque and accessories. Don’t rule out an above ground hot tub; the sky is the limit. Your entire backyard is transformed to look natural and comfortable in the ways you desire.

What size, shape, and location are best for patio paving? Have an outdoor design expert from Majestic Interlock Paving assist you with creating the vision of your dreams. If you have covered area, you will want to utilize the entire shaded space and perhaps go beyond if your yard size allows. Keep in mind what you plan to do with the new patio. Will you host large parties or normally have family and small groups over? How do you use the remaining yard? Another gorgeous option is having two patio areas that are connected by a paved walkway, giving you separate, secluded spots. One of the many benefits to using pavers is the choice for a straight or curved patio shape. There is little limit in the design possibilities an interlock concrete paver can provide. The location of a patio is typically a simple choice, but be sure to look beyond the areas by your back door. There may be wonderful places to extend the paved area around corners and near additional doors. Give yourself a long list of decorating, hosting, and outdoor living options. Take the next step and schedule a free consultation with a design professional from Majestic Interlock Paving.

Use Interlocking Pavers for Pool Decks

From the most intimate oasis to the vast sprawling resort pools, Northern California is full of in ground swimming pools. If you have considered either remodeling or installing one, you know that the patio pool deck you choose is an essential component of your overall project. The surrounding deck area either enhances or detracts from the beauty and elegance of your pool installation and your entire yard. The benefits, both practically and aesthetically, of interlocking pavers are more than enough to encourage any homeowner to select pavers for your pool deck application.

In the realm of maintenance and life expectancy of your patio pool deck, pavers are well worth the investment. When installed correctly, you will never find shifting, separating, or breaking in your paved patio or pool deck. Unlike concrete that frequently cracks, brick or interlock concrete pavers are durable, better looking, and less expensive, even after installation, than stamped colored concrete. Majestic Interlock Paving offers a lifetime warranty for good reason; the paver products they use are of the best quality money can buy for these applications. With interlocking concrete pavers, you can expect your pool deck to outlast your pool itself. To eliminate issues like standing water around the pool deck, a drainage system is always included in your design plan. Addressing these concerns in the beginning is the best way to avoid problems with your hardscape solution. Apart from the occasional spray to clean the patio, your paving is worry and maintenance free.

Aside from high quality, the appearance and style options with interlocking pavers will immediately entice your decision making process. Design your patio pool deck with one of numerous colors and shapes making the possibilities endless. Once you take the opportunity to review our photo gallery of finished projects online and consult with our designers, you will begin to form an idea of what textures and colors work best with your home and the features around your pool. When completed, the result will have a natural look that enhances the pool and adds continuity to your backyard. Our professionals will create a design with your entire house and yard in mind. Once you have the added appeal of a new pool deck, you will soon be amazed by how much more you use your pool and entertain with friends and family. It is now time to enjoy resting in the sun or indulge in conversation under the moonlit sky on your new patio pool deck.

Dining Areas

Dining ‘al fresco’ in the clean open air and enjoying the peaceful serenity of your outdoor lifestyle in the backyard escape of your dreams. Just close your eyes and imagine the everlasting moments you’ll create with your family having your summertime meals outdoors. Consider a small patio space or create an area to fit a table for twelve, you’re only limited to your imagination. Just share your expectations with us and we can create another useful and unique space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.