Curb Appeal

Use Pavers to Create your Driveway

All homeowners keep their eyes open for the best ways to improve the appearance, quality, and value of their house. As you consider options, take a closer look at The Paver Guys – your Bay Area Paver Company for the driveway paver installations you want provided in the Northern California Bay Area. You will change the entire look of your home and surrounding landscape with our decorative pavers, a paving option that will enhance the look of your home and provide value at the same time. An outstanding way to create ‘Curb Appeal’ is to install an elegant driveway with achievable design highlights unsurpassed by any other hardscape option available for such a reasonable and affordable price. You can choose from a classic or modern design style to customize your driveway with interlock concrete paving. Our customers find this look far more distinguished from the drab slab of typical concrete, gravel, or asphalt driveways available in the area. The curb appeal alone will tremendously increase your property value, but the longer lasting durability and lower costs of maintenance will benefit you for years to come.

Whatever the style of your home, a paved driveway makes access easier, cleaner and far more appealing. Using a decorative paver solution designed by The Paver Guys will provide your home a new style and a look that will excite you every time you approach your home. You’ll love the new ambiance of your home and your neighbors and guests will be unquestionably impressed and take notice of the spectacular vision your home possesses. Decorative paving and elegant driveway designs have been known to enhance a natural visibility to homes in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and the surrounding Bay Area in Northern California.

When you are ready to take a first step, The Paver Guys will send a design expert to your home at no charge and help you discover a new way to enhance your driveway with decorative interlock paving and increase your home’s value. Your ideas and visions are the key and starting point to allow The Paver Guys your Bay Area Paver Company to create something unique to your home alone. From there, we will have design ideas to fit your home and budget. Designs ranging from a rustic and old world feel, to a modern contemporary appearance, we can find the ideal paving product to improve your homes value. From the smallest of areas to the most complex space, we will determine where to craft your new driveway, take out the old drab slab of grey concrete, install the foundation, and build your new driveway to last a lifetime. The entire process is part of your contract, including proper drainage, lifetime warranties, and a complete cleanup of your project site, to leave you with a driveway paved with the image of your dreams. The Paver Guys your Bay Area Paver Company is specializing in what homes need for that unique appearance and luxurious curb appeal in the Bay Area of Northern California. You are looking in the right place to begin a home improvement renovation at a price and result you may never have expected. Call us now to receive a complementary consultation at your home.

Custom Interlocking Walkways

Among the best ways to enhance your front or back yard landscaping and draw the admiration of those around you is to enhance your property with interlocking concrete pavers or brick walkways. Imagine taking a gentle stroll through your backyard or walking up an elegant pathway to your newly paved front porch or courtyard. Choosing brick pavers to enhance your walkways and paths is an excellent choice to provide the results you desire. The weather and nature of the Northern California Bay Area is gorgeous so take advantage of your location in Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, San Francisco County, and Marin County and make your outdoors the perfect place to enjoy.

As a homeowner in Walnut Creek and the surrounding Northern California Bay Area, you will no doubt find the perfect paved walkway for your landscaping project within our portfolio. The variety and personal touches available with interlocking pavers will transform your yard. Choose from a wide path, fit for a couple’s stroll or a narrow winding walkway for a peaceful amble. Framing the bricks with lights, small shrubs or flowers can bring a beautiful natural touch. Pairing your brick paver walkway with natural flagstone allows visitors to wander off the structured path into a more natural environment. A straight path will lead naturally to a focal point and will provide a more creative appearance when compared to that plain drab concrete slab could ever bring. You might choose to design a brick paver walkway that leads to an extended patio, an excellent way to give added beauty and seclusion to your seating arrangement. You will also discover that serpentine paths give a sense of spaciousness, making any size backyard a highly valued place in the Northern California Bay Area, so if you live in Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Blackhawk, San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton or Livermore pick up the phone and call your Bay Area Paver Company – The Paver Guys, we’ll help plan that magnificent space to suit your needs.

Now that you can access the various areas throughout your yard and foot traffic is guided by paths, the problems of trampled lawn and muddy shoes will disappear. You will find that upkeep for the lawn and gardens is reduced and just like Dorothy, you’ll find there is no place like home when traveling down your new paver walkway.


Hardscape consists of the inorganic functional elements of landscaping such as stonework paths or woodwork decking. Hardscape is one of the two major subcategories of landscaping, the other being softscape (plants, shrubs, trees, lawns and gardens). In particular, as the name implies, hardscape refers to hard materials such as those composed of Concrete, Brick, Stone, Wood and Metal. Hardscape will provide two distinct elements of your landscape project, form and function.

A paver is a tile, brick or concrete paving stone used as exterior hardscape surface. To assure strict tolerances set by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) a paving stone is manufactured in an automated factory. Concrete pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and iron oxide into a mold and allowed to cure. A standard installation would entail excavation of the site, compaction of the native soil impregnated with ¾” crushed aggregate, installation of a geotextile membrane, compacted class II road base subgrade, a bedding sand layer and the paver itself. Several retaining methods are available to bond the system together. Decorative edging is an excellent way to set the look of a truly professional installation. Pavers can be used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways and other outdoor surface structures.

An interlocking concrete paver or segmental paver system has been used to create hardscape surfaces for thousands of years. The Minoan Culture built the first roads followed by the Romans to build the first highway system with pavers, these roads that are still in existence today, the Appian Roadway for example. It was not until after World War II that pavers were manufactured form dense and very strong (8000 psi) concrete. The process was revolutionized in Europe where their roadways (built form natural cobblestone) were destroyed and a man made solution was created to ease the rebuilding process. The roadways needed to be stable yet flexible because of the poor soil conditions where the ground shifts moves and sinks. Poured concrete is not an option because it will crack and separate. Individual paver units are not set in concrete they are placed over a stable yet flexible aggregate subgrade, set in sand and held together by a lateral restraint system. Before the paver was made from concrete either real stone or a clay product was used. The first concrete pavers were shaped like brick 4” x 8” and they were called Holland Stones, this product is timeless and still available today. These units turned out to be economical to manufacture and were exceedingly strong.

Whether you’re building a driveway, walkway, patio or pool deck, a key piece in the journey is mapping out how you plan to use your outdoor space. It may be a space designed to enhance curb appeal, to provide that unique space for a quiet evening for two or to entertain with several friends and family. Carefully planning the function of your needs and wants of your outdoor living space will help with a successful design creation you’ll use for years. There are two considerations you have when choosing the form and function of your outdoor space, style and purpose. It is a must to consider your personal likes and preferences and how the hardscape product will help you carry out the look and image you want your space to represent.

Consider the three pillars of hardscape style they are color, texture and shape. Using unique options of these elements will help you to achieve any style you may be looking to achieve in your hardscape design. Choose from a color palette of natural hues designed to work in harmony with a variety of environments at your home. Add visual interest with antique, classic or natural texture surface treatments. Mix or Match natural, classic and transitional paver shapes to create one of a kind design.