Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens

Since you live in the temperate, sunny climate of Northern California, the chances are incredibly high that you have a grill of some type in your backyard. You, your neighbors and friends will head outside on occasion to cook some of the best meals of the season. But no matter the size and quality of your grill, you know that nothing compares to a built in custom barbeque.

With Majestic Interlock Paving you might be surprised at how feasible the word “custom” becomes. With your own personal ideas and Majestic Interlock Paving’s creativity, you can continue your outdoor hospitality with other customized items to suite your outdoor needs. How many nights would you and friends spend under the stars with a built-in fire pit? When you begin to design an interlock paved patio, consider all you can do to go above and beyond the normal drab slab of concrete and stand alone grill.

Everyone loves fresh off the grill outdoor cooking, meat, chicken, vegetables, and more, indulge those around you by making the cooking part fun. A custom BBQ grill not only looks better in your patio, but gives you the space, storage, and supplies you need right at your fingertips. By using the same style of interlock paving that makes your yard beautiful, you are giving your home even more unique value with a custom BBQ built by Majestic Interlock Paving.

Fire Pits

On any evening’s occasion, the perfect place to be is outside on the patio feeling the warmth of a fire in your custom built fire pit. This experience does not necessarily need to be limited to camping, you can enjoy this fun and exciting experience year around. The relaxation, warmth, and attraction of the flames can easily be yours with a custom fire pit built by Majestic Interlock Paving. Friends and family will find that conversation and laughter flow as you gather around the fire. 

Do the kids love to roast marshmallows? Make it a weekly occasion with a minimal preparations and cleanup. This extra touch to a backyard can make all the difference in the quality of your time outdoors. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors with an exciting landscape design built by Majestic Interlock Paving.

Water Features

From whimsical fountains, rushing waterfalls and glorious pools a water feature will not only enhance the natural surroundings with sight and sound elements, it will put you back in tune with nature and provide a natural balance between calm and chaos. Water features have been used to complement architectural elements as far back as Ancient Rome, with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Archimedean screw and hard labor powered these fountains of the Ancient World.

Today, efficient pumps can produce any amount of propelled water as gentle as a bubbling rock fountain to a gushing natural stone waterfall cascading down a hillside into a pond. Water features provide a calming effect as they bring us back into the natural elements at our own homes.