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Grading away from a foundation with the correct slope is the easiest of solutions to the possible storm water drainage problems you may encounter at home. However, poor drainage in a yard with standing water isn’t corrected so easily. If your house is situated at the bottom of a slope, grading the soil along the foundation may not be enough. There are several options to correct unwanted water conditions at home, it may be through a gravity drain that we might carry those concerns away or we may need to manually or mechanically pump the water to a better area. French drains are another option to correct a subsurface water condition that is causing issue. Releasing the hydrostatic load from the soil and improving the soil conditions by carrying that moisture away from your homes foundation is another excellent way to improve your home and eliminate potential mold and unwanted issues. We can design and build a solution to remedy any soggy condition you may encounter. Site grading and understanding the specific topography of your site and the surrounding neighborhood is another of our specialties and we are experts in correcting any drainage condition you may have.


The approach and goals of landscape lighting design are simple. First, you start with a dark palette then do two things, selectively illuminate objects of interest and beauty then create new shapes and patterns through the interplay of light and shadow. This approach enables you to create lighting effects that accomplish the goals of the lighting design. The other considerations are safety and security, illumination that ensures safe navigation throughout the property and deters, detects, identifies, and enables apprehension of intruders. Beauty and functionality are inspirations that evoke positive aesthetic and emotional responses. Illumination that provides appropriate lighting for activities performed on the property comfortable ambient light form a low voltage lighting system is a vast improvement over the blinding spotlights of the past.

If your main goal is safety you may want the illumination to reveal the edges of the path and any irregularities that could cause tripping so you may decide to light the pathway leading to your front door. Do you want beauty, if so select path lights that have a good wide coverage, up lighting in trees and select areas of the house. In fact, without knowing it, you may be satisfying all or most of the other goals without even trying. Our lighting systems will provide these benefits in addition to conserving energy and that is surely a bonus.


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Stone Work

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