Custom Built Retaining Walls

In Northern California custom built retaining walls are essential for yards with varying elevations, they additionally provide beauty and elegance to every homes landscaping. An excellent solution to provide a non-structured planting area for shrubs, flowers or a garden, your custom built retaining wall will enhance any landscape project. For land with an incline, a structured retaining wall gives the opportunity for level platforms or terraces which are far more suitable for gardens, decks, patios and increasing your outdoor living space. No matter how you choose to utilize your property, a custom built retaining wall can provide numerous benefits to the use and aesthetics of your landscape. However, to assure your retaining wall is built to last it is vital the components of the wall are properly planed and built in exact sequence.

A properly constructed retaining wall will incorporate a clean and defined excavation, the foundation and support system is another critical component to the longevity of the wall. A drainage system must be built behind the wall to relieve hydrostatic load or soil/water pressure behind the wall. The use of a proper block designed and engineered for the elevations of the area it will retain is also critical to the build. Segmented Retaining Walls (SRW) are the top choice in building a wall that lasts. Our design experts will plan and construct for quality and longevity, your structure will not crack or topple under the weight it supports. The block products we use are engineered with strict tolerances for the soil they will support. We are experts in understanding exactly what your project site will require from proper block selection to design layout, we will plan accordingly assuring your wall will be built to last a lifetime.

Since every yard, house, and homeowner is different, custom walls are necessary for giving you the right fit. The retaining walls along a walkway will be curved to follow the direction of the path. As the topography of your landscaping curves and arches, the retaining wall can be built to accommodate those elevations. Brand new features can change and compliment the entire yard, elements such as a circular wall around a fountain or central garden, possibly a fire pit or a raised patio, the options for segmented retaining wall block are limited only by your imagination. Allow Majestic Interlock Paving to create something unique and specific to your homes spectacular magnificence.


From as far back as ancient Egypt and the Iron Age Columns were used to distinguish areas, boundaries and serve as structural elements of design. Depending on the space and area available, the use of columns is an excellent way to add an architectural element to your design. Whether it is a light post, mailbox, end to a seating wall, or structural configuration of a kitchen or pergola, columns will enhance the space we can create for you. Freestanding or connected to support a structure, stone columns are a timeless element of design and construction.


The most functional element to transitioning varying elevations is the step case. Like the wheel, steps have been used since the Stone Age. Whether you need to develop a grand entrance to the front door of need to get up and down the steep hillside in the backyard, steps can be designed to fit any circumstance. However, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the use of a step, there are specific methods and strict tolerances for the modern step case. Building code will allow for a step to be within the parameters of 4” to 8” in elevation with only a 1/8” tolerance from step to step. The perfect step measures 6” in elevation with a 21” tread, this build will accommodate the natural gait we all walk. Steps can be created from a multitude of different materials and should complement the overall design facet of your installation.