Bay Area Landscaping – Attracting Birds To Your San Ramon Landscape

Our San Ramon concrete paver professionals know many people enjoy watching birds flit around the backyard. They’re entertaining and for some, soothing and peaceful. Birds help with pollination and keep insects down, but how can you attract them to your yard? Maybe you have a gorgeous paver patio, pergola, or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining and you’d love to enjoy more birds during your outdoor time. We have a few easy tips you’ll find helpful!

First, be sure there’s water available. An urn or birdbath that’s low to the ground is ideal, and you may want to consider concrete or another rough material as glass can be slippery.

Next comes food. Most bird species enjoy chipped sunflower seeds and safflower seeds, along with suet which contains nuts, fruits and rendered beef fat. Squirrels don’t usually like safflower, an added advantage. Choose your bird feeder depending on where you want to put it and the types of birds you want to visit your yard.

Birds are attracted to yards that provide cover, so if your San Ramon landscape includes shrubs, trees or brush, it will be appealing to birds as they can build nests. Additionally, if you purchase or build a birdhouse be sure it is a good place to nest and not simply decorative.

You want to make the birds feel as protected as possible, so place your feeders, nesting boxes or houses, and birdbaths in areas that are more protected with trees, hedges and other cover. It’s also important to remember cats love to chase birds, so if you have one be sure to keep it indoors.

Put these suggestions to use and in no time at all you’ll have beautiful birds flocking to your outdoor spaces!

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