Enhance The Largest Feature Of Your Bay Area Landscape – Driveway

A decade or two ago nearly all driveways were purely functional, most consisting of gravel, concrete, or asphalt. Considering it’s the largest feature in the landscape for most Bay Area homeowners and one every guest uses when visiting, why not make it a focal point with accents, borders or an awesome design?

If you have an interlocking concrete paver driveway, the possibilities are endless. If you don’t, it’s the perfect time to have one installed – and creating a stunning design is easy when doing a brand new installation.

Perhaps your Bay Area landscape is ideal for a curved driveway that allows you to pull right up to the front door. Imagine the beauty of paver stones in colors that complement those in your home, a border along both sides in contrasting colors that set the driveway apart. Homeowners are choosing various colors from black, brown tones, white, beige, olive, grey and even orange depending on the look they want to achieve.

If elegant describes the look and feel you want for your driveway, designs that include elaborate, graceful curves can be incorporated into the project. Using lighter colored concrete pavers as the basis, darker colors in the actual design create contrast and lend an air of luxury to the outdoors.

Mix cool and warm tones to spice up the driveway. Whether you prefer circle patterns, square, oblong or another design, it’s important to keep the architectural design of your home in mind in order to achieve the most striking look. Once you decide whether your paver driveway will be simple or lean toward something more elaborate, it’s all about color. Some believe you can’t mix cool and warm tones, but the fact is mixing ashy colors with rich, warm shades creates a visually appealing driveway that’s beautiful.

Always keep the colors and architecture of your home in mind when considering a beautiful concrete paver driveway. By doing so, your entire home and landscape will take on a more distinctive, cohesive look – not just the driveway!

Today’s driveways are far more than functional, they’re an element of your landscape. The Paver Guys invite those in Walnut Creek, San Ramon and throughout the Bay Area to give us a call now to learn more about the amazing possibilities of interlocking concrete pavers.