Cleaning Concrete And Asphalt To Keep Your Landscape Appealing

Whether you have an interlocking concrete paver patio or walkway or an asphalt driveway, removing the dirt and grime helps restore the beauty of your landscape. It’s impossible to escape the grime that can build up over time, but cleaning concrete or asphalt really isn’t that difficult and requires only a few tools. Our Bay Area concrete paver professionals have a few tips we think will make this task easier.

First, remove dirt and debris from the surface. Regardless of whether it’s concrete or asphalt, it’s important to remove the build up of dirt and other debris. In most cases using a push broom works well to remove the surface debris.

Pressure washing is great for either material. For any hardscape, pressure washing is ideal for deep cleaning. There are products designed to be used with a pressure or power washer that help remove tough build up which you’ll want to use prior to washing. For interlocking concrete paver hardscapes, be sure not to direct high pressure directly into the spaces between pavers, as this will loosen the sand used to stabilize your walkway, patio or driveway.

For grease, bird droppings or other hard-to-remove stains, there are products you can use to make the job easier. Baking soda works well to absorb oil and grease; just let it stand for about a half hour, then rinse with a garden hose. Scrubbing with a brush or push broom also helps loosen up stains.

For a fairly new wet stain such as a recent oil leak or grease spill, kitty litter works well to absorb the excess grease or oil. Cover the area thoroughly and leave to sit overnight, then sweep or scoop up the litter.

Coca Cola and laundry detergent are other things you might want to try to remove oil, grease, mud, or other stains that are more difficult to remove. If you choose to try laundry detergent, add a splash of water before scrubbing the area with a push broom; after about 30 minutes rinse with a water hose. Coca Cola is acidic and works well to help dissolve grease; let it sit on the stain overnight, then use a clean cloth to wipe the area clean.

Whether you have concrete or asphalt hardscapes, it’s a good idea to seal them to protect against stains.

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