Concrete Block Retaining Walls Do More Than Retain!

Most San Ramon homeowners think of concrete block retaining walls as structures built to retain dirt, soil, or other material so that it doesn’t wash down or erode. While this is certainly a primary use of retaining walls, what you may not have considered is that they an also be a great way to enhance your landscape while providing privacy.

There is no written rule that a concrete block retaining wall can only go as high as the soil it’s retaining. For instance, if you build the wall three feet high to the level of the soil or terrace, going six or even eight feet high will provide privacy and create a more intimate atmosphere in your backyard. If you have a large backyard with no fence or other element to separate your space, landscaping can seem like an ominous task; it’s hard to know where to start or how far to go.

If you have an interlocking concrete paver patio, a pool, or even an outdoor living room or kitchen, a concrete block wall is ideal for creating a space that feels intimate, cozy, and private. No need to completely enclose the space; usually a single wall separating your private space from the view of the neighbors is all it takes.

Defining specific areas of your backyard makes it easier to landscape as well. You could line the exterior of the retaining wall (the side facing away from your private space) with shrubs, flowers, or other plants. Incorporate the elements of the earth into your space with a water feature or fire pit to warm you and your family or guests up on those cooler evenings for a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.

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