Concrete Paver – Bay Area Homeowners Are Loving Their Satellite Patios

We’re all familiar with the outdoor patio, usually situated right out the back door of a home. While this is convenient for many occasions such as grilling outdoors or parties because of the convenient access to the kitchen, many homeowners in San Ramon and Walnut Creek are adding a satellite patio to the landscape. What is this, and why do it?

A satellite patio is simply located in a more remote or intimate area of your landscape rather than right up next to the house. This is a great way to enjoy your gardens or a private area of the backyard you love. It also gives your family and guests a different perspective, as you can enjoy views of nature that are new and refreshing from what you’ve been looking at! When you have a gorgeous landscape that incorporates a beautiful garden, why not relax right in the midst of it? Having a patio that’s surrounded by nature makes it a pleasure to unwind and de-stress. Your guests will also enjoy taking in your garden, pool or other more intimate spaces.

Of course a satellite patio doesn’t have to be in or near the garden; it could be a small space separated by a stone wall, lattice, or other material from busier spaces. Imagine enjoying a hot cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa in the fall and winter months while soaking up the heat from the fire pit. A satellite patio can by anything or anywhere you want, even in the front yard or at either side of your home.

Concrete pavers are a favorite material for satellite patios for a number of reasons. Unlike poured concrete, they won’t crack – and they’re far more beautiful given the various colors, textures, shapes and sizes. You can create a distinctive look you won’t see at your neighbors’ homes, unique shapes and angles, and more. Whether square, oblong, round, gently curved along a path or a combination, a satellite patio increases your enjoyment of the outdoors while enhancing the beauty of your landscape.

Whether you’re thinking about a satellite patio or looking ahead to the summer and considering a pool, our Bay Area interlocking concrete paver experts can make all of your visions a reality. From patios and pool decks to retaining walls and driveways, we do it all. Give The Paver Guys a call today!