Concrete Paver Patio – Outdoor Get-Together Tips For Fall

Fall is the ideal time to host a get-together with friends in San Ramon, and where better to enjoy great food and conversation than on your beautiful concrete paver patio? There’s something about the great outdoors that makes a dinner or party even more enjoyable. Fall brings to mind crisp outdoor air, vibrant colors, warm textures and seasonal recipes infused with cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices. We have a few suggestions below to help you plan a gathering everyone will enjoy immensely.

How many guests will you have? Whether there will be eight or 12, it’s important to know how many people you can expect so you can create cozy spaces that invite conversation. It also helps when it comes to how much food you need!

Keep your eye on the weather so you can change plans in advance if rain or super cold temperatures are on the way. If it’s a little cool don’t let it spoil the fun; just grab a few blankets and gather in comfortable seating around the outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Cozy!

Incorporate warm fall colors into the decor. Candles, lanterns, potted plants, furniture cushions – there are countless ways you can use beautiful fall colors such as orange, red, gold and yellow to make the surroundings even more inviting.

Be sure to have fall-inspired drinks on hand to help warm up your guests. If you have an outdoor kitchen or bar it will be easy to serve up delicious food and drinks without making a dozen trips in and out of the house. Put a twist on the margarita by adding a dash of cinnamon and splash of apple juice, serve up sangrias, apple pie punch, or coffees such as an iced pumpkin spice latte or salted caramel mocha latte. You’ll want to have juice and hot chocolate on hand for the kids!

If you expect to have several children at your outdoor get-together, be sure to have some activities planned to keep them entertained.

Hopefully these tips will help you pull off a spectacular fall dinner party filled with delicious food, good conversation and a great time with friends. If you don’t have an interlocking concrete paver patio or are considering the addition of a fire pit or outdoor kitchen for your San Ramon home, give The Paver Guys a call today!