Concrete Paver Patio – Which Is Better, A Deck Or Patio?

Homeowners in Danville, San Ramon, Orinda, Walnut Creek and throughout the Bay Area want outdoor spaces that are more livable today, spaces that are great for relaxing, entertaining and adding to curb appeal. Of course we all have our preferences when it comes to style and materials used; some like a deck and the wood it’s made of, while others prefer a patio. While we believe interlocking concrete pavers make for the most beautiful patios, many are made using poured concrete. Regardless of your favorite, there are some very compelling reasons to choose a patio rather than a deck.

First of all, a concrete paver patio is far easier to maintain than a wood deck. When sealed, pavers need very little maintenance. A little sweeping or rinsing when they become dirty and that’s about it. With a deck, sealing every year is necessary to help prevent damage caused by water, rain, even the sun. You’ll probably have to replace a few boards due to wood rot or cracking, and power wash it occasionally to remove stains and refresh the wood. Lots of maintenance with a deck!

A patio can last a lifetime, unlike decks that are susceptible to those things we mentioned above. In addition, wood or composites used in building decks are more vulnerable to extreme temperature fluctuations which cause these materials to expand and contract.

You’ll spend less money by installing a patio. This is true in most cases, considering the maintenance required with a deck vs. a concrete paver patio. Sealing, replacing boards, having a professional power wash your deck; all of these things cost money. Add in the fact you’ll likely have to completely or partially rebuild your deck a few times, and a patio is more cost-effective over the long-term.

A patio will increase the resale value of your home more than a deck. While a deck does increase a home’s value, it isn’t as high a return on investment as a patio will provide. A beautiful, well-designed patio can increase your ROI by about 12% versus a deck that may increase ROI by about 10% depending on its quality, design, construction, etc.

A deck is often a beautiful, functional addition to a home. Which one a homeowner chooses often depends on budget, style preferences, intended use and other factors. If you’re interested in installing a gorgeous interlocking concrete paver patio to enhance your Bay Area home’s beauty and functionality, call The Paver Guys today!