Concrete Paver Professionals – Lighting Design In Outdoor Living Spaces

As trusted Bay Area concrete paver professionals we know the importance of the right lighting in every situation. Think about your indoor spaces and how awful it would be if you had no lighting for tasks, creating a great atmosphere, or simply being able to see after the sun goes down. Why should your outdoor living spaces be limited? A beautiful patio, outdoor kitchen or other space designed to relax and entertain deserves the right lighting. Here’s why.

Lighting creates ambiance. Ambiance is simply the mood or feel of a space, the impression someone gets when entering the room or area. This can be relaxing, warm, energetic, fun, even romantic. The right lighting design gives your hardscape and landscape character and takes it from a dark, perhaps ominous space when the sun sets to one that’s cozy, comfortable and appealing. Depending on your space lighting can come from the ground, overhead, from strategically placed lights at angles or in corners, and more. Light it up!

Why should your dinner party or gathering be limited to daylight hours? Lighting up the patio, pergola or the area around the fire pit lets you and your guests enjoy the evening for as long as you want, not when the sunset dictates it’s over.

Increase security around your home. Good lighting design naturally deters vandals and thieves, but it also makes the outdoors a safer place for your family and pets at night. Well lit spaces are safer when the kids want to play for a few more minutes – and anyone who’s outdoors after dark can navigate walkways and paths easier with the added light.

Nighttime curb appeal. Sure you want your home to stand out and look gorgeous to those who pass by during the day, but what about at night? Beautiful lighting design will amp up the curb appeal when it’s dark outside, giving your home an elegant, charming warmth that gets noticed all around the neighborhood.

These are some of the reasons you should consider a great lighting design for your outdoor living spaces! For all of your Bay Area paver patio, outdoor lighting, or hardscape needs, give The Paver Guys a call.