Custom Built Paver Retaining Walls Add Beauty And Functionality

Concrete paver retaining walls aren’t only functional, they can add a magnificent element to curb appeal. Many homes in the Bay Area are built on land that slopes – some have a great degree of slope, which can lead to soil erosion and other problems. Imagine if you could tame a slope while making your outdoor spaces stunning. You can!

Retaining walls can be created using many things, including concrete blocks, landscape timbers or even rocks or large timber posts – but how attractive are these materials, and how will they hold up against heavy drainage from rain?

We can design a custom concrete paver retaining wall that looks amazing and works hard

Retaining walls are generally built for the purpose of helping stabilize steep slopes while preventing erosion of the soil. While this is a basic necessity, there are four reasons to consider a retaining wall.

  • To control runoff and drainage, helping protect areas of your lawn from erosion when flooding rains come as we often see in the Bay Area.
  • Slope control to keep soil where it should be on hillsides that are difficult so you can make use of these areas in your landscape.
  • Making terrain you couldn’t use before into usable space, even with varying slopes and hills.
  • Adding character and visual appeal to the exterior of your home. Retaining walls can be integrated in a way that makes your landscape more distinctive and beautiful than any level or “flat” yard!

Because concrete pavers are available in an almost endless array of shapes, textures, size and colors, the possibilities go as far as your imagination and creativity can take them. Depending on the texture and color you choose, retaining walls can complement your home and landscape or add eye-catching contrast. Not to worry, though; if you can’t decide what you want, our Bay Area interlocking concrete paver professionals are experts in design as well!

Why let soil erosion and runoff issues destroy your landscape? At The Paver Guys retaining walls are just one of our specialties. Let us help get your lawn in amazing shape today!