Fire Pit Or Fireplace For Your Bay Area Backyard Landscape?

As trusted leaders in concrete paver projects in the Bay Area, we’ve installed countless fire pits and fireplaces for clients who want to add to their home’s curb appeal and create cozy, inviting, functional spaces. Maybe you’re tossing around the idea of adding a fire element to your backyard space, but you aren’t sure which is right for you. We’ll explain some of the differences to help you out!

An outdoor fireplace is generally a bit more expensive for a few reasons. One is the many design options that may range from simple to more complex, another the fact that more labor is required when it comes to smoke management, proper ventilation, etc. Many homeowners choose a fireplace for its ability to add an element of sophistication through architecture that is a bit more elegant than what you find with most fire pits. For warmth and beauty a fireplace is great, but keep in mind that your family or guests will likely sit in front of a fireplace whereas fire pits invite gathering around it.

Fire pits are more interactive simply because of their design. Everyone can gather around it, soak in the warmth, even roast hot dogs or marshmallows. In our mind a fire pit offers a more intimate, cozy experience and is ideal for families who have company over on a regular basis or have children. You can see everyone across the fire pit, so engaging with everyone who’s present is easier. Fire pits are generally less expensive, but be sure to work with our professional design team to ensure proper placement and that smoke goes in the direction you want it to, not in a direction you don’t.

Whether you choose a fireplace or fire pit for your Bay Area backyard landscape all depends on the experience you are after, the look you desire for your property, budget and other factors. Each one is great for adding curb appeal and value to your property! To learn more about the details of each, give our interlocking concrete paver and hardscape pros a call today.