How Bay Area Homeowners Can Manage Your Landscape Budget

Most homeowners want an appealing landscape, even during winter months. Whether you live in Oakland, Castro Valley, Pleasant Hill or elsewhere in the Bay Area, you may not have an unlimited landscape budget! From bedding plants, mulch, trees and decorative rocks to a gazebo, deck, concrete paver patio or water feature, the expense quickly mounts. Maybe you can’t do it all at once – but how can you manage the budget so that eventually you’ll have your dream backyard? Our interlocking concrete paver experts have a few tips!

First, be realistic. When you don’t have an unlimited budget, it probably won’t be possible to have an outdoor kitchen installed along with a fire pit, walkways, and a pergola. You can certainly have it all at some point, but in the beginning choose what’s most important to you at the present time.

Meet with your hardscape or landscape professional – and have clear communication. By discussing what it is you want and what your budget is, a lot of confusion can be avoided. Your designer will know what the limit is, what features can be incorporated, and which can’t. Communication also helps your designer determine the best approach going forward so that those features and elements you want at some point can be incorporated more easily and efficiently into those you can do now.

Get two or three bids. One contractor or design professional may give you a price that is higher or lower than average. The only way you can really have a good idea of how much your project will cost is to get itemized bids from several designers. This way you can see more precisely where the money will be going, which helps you determine where to start and what you may want to put off.

Other ideas when you’re strapped for cash are to learn which contractors offer financing, and which may be able to work on your hardscape project in phases so that the expense is spread out over time.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to use some of the items or materials you may already have such as bricks, old wood, plants, birdbaths, etc. By incorporating what you already have, you can save on some of the smaller features or materials.

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