How Could A Pergola Transform Your Patio Space?

Our Walnut Creek concrete paver professionals provide a wide array of services to help transform your outdoor spaces, including pergolas. You may already have a beautiful patio your friends and family enjoy, but how could a pergola further your enjoyment and make it possible to spend even more time outdoors?

Pergolas can provide filtered sunlight, so you can relax or cook dinner on the patio without being exposed to full sunlight. Whether you prefer a contemporary or sophisticated look, love all things rustic, or simplicity is your style, there are pergolas that meet all of your style and design preferences.

If your patio is located right outside the door as most are, a pergola is a great way to transition seamlessly from indoor spaces to outdoor spaces. A pergola can also be a great focal point of your landscape when placed strategically. Whether you already have a patio or are planning a beautiful interlocking concrete paver patio, a pergola lends to its beauty and functionality.

Some of the things to consider when trying to determine where to put a pergola include which direction offers a great view, what seasons or time of day will you use it most, and even whether there are areas more prone to the sun’s harsh rays or high winds. What type of material it’s made of will impact price, so keep this in mind if you’re on a budget.

Size also matters. You want your pergola to integrate seamlessly into your outdoor spaces, but not dominate the landscape. On the opposite side, you don’t want a pergola that’s small if you have a spacious back yard. It’s important to take into account the overhang when deciding on size. For instance, if you choose a 144 square foot pergola (12′ by 12′ square) there will be approximately 8′ x 8′ of space considering support pillars.

Whether you have an existing patio and want to make it even more beautiful and functional or are thinking about a gorgeous concrete paver patio to add to the appeal of your outdoor spaces, The Paver Guys have you covered! We invite those in Walnut Creek to learn more about our interlocking concrete paver and other hardscape services by contacting us today.