Incorporate Color Into Your Outdoor Spaces – Here’s How

Many people in San Ramon and throughout the Bay Area desire color in their outdoor spaces; after all, without color any space seems bland and lifeless. Whether you have a beautiful paver patio complete with outdoor kitchen or other hardscapes in your front or back yard, using color only makes the great outdoors more beautiful and welcoming. Our interlocking concrete paver professionals have some suggestions to help you add a splash of color to your outside world!

From wicker chairs to patio tables and cushions, furniture is an easy way to add a splash of color. Bright cushions, boldly colored wicker chairs, patio tables with a colorful tint, accent pillows. Outdoor furnishings are not only functional and designed for your comfort, but a perfect way to inject a little color.

While a wide array of flowering plants strategically placed in exterior design is a wonderful way to add color, potted plants are another easy way to enjoy color – and since they’re portable, you can move them when the mood strikes. Not only do flowers and leaves add color, take it even further with bold, dramatic pots or containers in orange, yellow, red, magenta, or blue.

How about a colorful retaining wall? From rich colors to brilliant hues and textures, a retaining wall is more than functional; it’s the perfect focal point for the back yard, a gorgeous addition to a well-designed outdoor space.

Concrete pavers are wonderful accents whether used in the patio, inlays, borders, pathways or other areas. A walkway or patio doesn’t have to be bland or all the same color. Using various colors and finishes that complement or contrast with surrounding surfaces is a great way to incorporate color in ways that are unexpected.

Don’t forget the little things! From lanterns and candles to warm blankets and table accents, just be creative with color. It’s the spice of life!

At The Paver Guys we’re all about sprucing up the back yard and bringing your outdoor spaces to life. From concrete paver patios to firepits, outdoor fireplaces, water features and walkways to driveways and outdoor kitchens, we do it all. We invite anyone in the Bay Area interested in learning more about our hardscape projects to give us a call today.