Installing A Hot Tub – Why You May Want To Consider Concrete Pavers

As Bay Area interlocking concrete paver professionals, we can tell you that these pavers are not only beautiful and visually appealing, but durable, economical, modular and highly flexible when it comes to design. Lots of homeowners in Danville, Pleasant Hill, Oakley and other nearby cities have a hot tub or are thinking of having one installed. Nothing is more relaxing after a long day, or when you just want to “chill out.”

While poured concrete and wood have traditionally been used as the base or deck of hot tubs, these materials aren’t the best options. Poured concrete is certainly strong and capable of supporting the weight of your hot tub, however any concrete application (slab or poured) may eventually present cracks or other problems. Constant rain and the standing water that often results will cause issues if the water should seep beneath the tub. With concrete patio pavers you don’t have this problem because water can pass through, alleviating any issues involving standing water.

Wood decking surrounding a hot tub is attractive, but everyone knows that wood doesn’t last forever. Additionally, it isn’t easy to design a deck that will support the weight of your hot tub. Wood or timber must be maintained regularly, and damaged or rotting boards replaced which can be costly. Interlocking concrete pavers are the best option when you want a hot tub deck that’s extremely durable and beautiful.

Considering all of the colors, finishes, shapes and sizes available with concrete pavers, it’s easy to create all types of designs depending on your space, preference, and landscape. From intricately curved patterns to the simplicity of straight lines, a little imagination is all it takes to transform your hot tub space into one that’s more inviting than you could ever imagine.

Whether you have a hot tub and the deck has seen better days, or you’re thinking about installing a tub for your family, we invite you to contact The Paver Guys for expert advice on a concrete patio paver deck.