Is Winter A Good Time To Install A Paver Patio In The Bay Area?

Naturally, most homeowners decide to take on a project that enhances their landscape during spring or summer months. That said, winter is actually an ideal time to have an interlocking concrete paver patio installed. Why? There are several benefits which we’ll share below, but the biggest reason is because winters aren’t usually too cold in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mild temperatures mean you can forge ahead with your project, no waiting until spring!

Typically, winter months are a bit slower for our Bay Area concrete paver professionals because the majority of residential and commercial property owners think, as most do, that it’s best to wait until the weather is warmer. Because of this your project will likely be completed quickly, with little or no wait time.

Some of the other advantages of choosing to have your paver patio installed during the winter include:

Less mess. Spring tends to be a rainy season, which can make for a mess when crews begin to excavate and prepare the area where your patio will be installed. Excess rain can also delay your project.

Less worry about damaging flowers and plants. Winter is when most plants go dormant, so if you have some in the area close to where your patio is to be installed the risk of damaging your them is significantly reduced.

No waiting to enjoy your beautiful new paver patio when spring arrives. When your project is completed during the winter season, you can dig right in and begin other landscaping projects to enhance your patio and outdoor spaces without worry of damage! Enjoy grilling and entertaining friends, or just relaxing at the end of the day from the first day spring begins. Of course if you include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace in your paver patio project, you can start enjoying it immediately – why wait until spring?

The Paver Guys want to invite those in San Ramon and throughout the Bay Area who are thinking of having an interlocking concrete paver project begin when spring arrives to consider doing it now. Why wait? Come spring you’ll be ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces and entertain friends and neighbors without the construction and mess. Give us a call today.