Key Benefits Of An Interlocking Concrete Paver Driveway

Considering its size and that it’s typically located at the front or side of your Bay Area home, your driveway contributes greatly to your home’s curb appeal (or, takes away from it in some cases). An asphalt or concrete driveway can be attractive, but isn’t just average, really? A paver driveway offers many benefits to homeowners, some that we’re sharing below.

Unique appearance. When you have a driveway that stands apart from the rest in its color, pattern and design it can make a real difference in the custom appearance and beauty of your home.

Distinguished appeal. Interlocking concrete pavers offer a wide array of colors, shapes and textures so the design possibilities are practically endless! Whether you want to complement your home by using colors and textures that closely match it or create a contrasting design, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your style preference.

Durable and simple to maintain. Concrete pavers are far more durable than asphalt or concrete driveways that are generally one or two huge pieces. Their flexibility and strength make them a great choice for your driveway as you won’t have to worry about freezing, ugly cracks and other problems common with other materials. Pavers are super easy to maintain; all it takes is occasional sweeping and spraying off with a water hose. Should a paver become damaged or stained (which is possible, but not probable) it can be easily replaced with a new paver.

Because of the system used in installing a concrete paver driveway, water can seep between the pavers when heavy rains come your way. No flooding around the driveway or in your yard.

Is your asphalt or concrete driveway cracked, stained – or just plain and ugly? At The Paver Guys our Bay Area concrete paver experts can transform your driveway into one so beautiful, you won’t want to hide an inch of it by parking your car on it! Give us a call today.