Paver Patio – If Your Grill Has Gone Undercover, Bring It Back Out!

So many homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area put their grills away when winter arrives. It’s too cold, too rainy, gets dark too early – there are all kinds of excuses for why we don’t grill tasty foods outdoors in the winter. When you think about it, isn’t a cool evening when you would really enjoy a warm, juicy steak, some perfectly cooked burgers or fresh grilled vegetables seasoned up and steaming hot? If you have a gorgeous concrete paver patio with a little space, comfy furnishings and a fire pit, you’re ready for an enjoyable evening outdoors with good friends and great food!

Get the grill out from underneath its cover!

That said, there are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when cooking on the grill during the winter season.

First, it’s a little chillier outdoors so foods will take a little more time to cook. Because of this, you will want to make sure you have sufficient fuel (typically about 1 1/2 times what would be used in summer). It can be nerve-wracking when you’re cooking foods a little longer than you’re used to, so you may be tempted to keep raising the lid and checking your food. Don’t do it; you’re losing precious heat every time you lift the lid! Give it some time and try to have patience.

Where the grill is located matters. During winter months you want to situate your grill in a way that not only results in a short distance from the grill to the indoors and access to the kitchen, but also blocks as much wind and cold air as possible. A location on the patio in close proximity of the door is ideal, however always consider safety. You don’t want to place your grill too close to the wall of your home, beneath the overhang, or near anything flammable.

Light up the outdoors. Not only is it important for safety, but you can enjoy a comfortable, cozy setting for your family and guests – not to mention see what you’re cooking! Incorporating beautiful lighting in your outdoor space adds to your enjoyment and just makes it safer for all to enjoy.

Why not enjoy your outdoor spaces during the winter months along with some great food cooked on the grill? Get it out from under cover – and if you’re thinking how great an interlocking concrete paver patio, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace would be, give our Bay Area paver experts a call today!