Selling Your Bay Area Home? Key Landscaping Tips For A Quick Sale

If you plan to put your Bay Area home on the market, you probably already know the importance of curb appeal. Landscaping is vital when trying to sell your home; after all, this is the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home, and likely the most important in determining whether they even want to look at the inside. Make sure your home doesn’t turn prospective buyers off by following these landscaping tips.

Make sure your yard is neat and tidy. From mowing and edge-trimming to pruning trees and removing dead branches, make sure everything is tidy. No tall weeds, scraggly plants that have obviously been neglected, or overgrown hedges. When the outside looks neglected, buyers assume the inside is in the same condition.

No cracked or crumbling driveways, garden paths or sidewalks. Nothing looks worse than a walkway or driveway that’s cracked, stained and worse for wear. To really make an impact with your landscape consider interlocking concrete pavers for a distinctive touch that makes your landscape stand apart.

Make sure your entrance is bright and welcoming. The front porch can look dull and boring, or it can invite everyone who passes to take another look. Consider bright annuals in colorful pots – but don’t use those old pots from years ago that have faded to an unrecognizable color or are cracked/chipped. Make it cheerful and inviting!

When it comes to selling a home the exterior appearance is critical, from your lawn, walkways and gardens to siding, outdoor plumbing and water features. Make sure your home has that special curb appeal that makes people look twice, and you’ll have more potential buyers interested in seeing what’s on the inside.

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