Small Backyard Spaces Can Be Inviting With Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Whether you live in Pleasanton, Oakley, Discovery Bay or anywhere else in the Bay Area, you want your backyard or outdoor living spaces to be as inviting and versatile as possible. You may believe your backyard is too small to really make anything useful out of it, but you would be surprised at what can be accomplished with a little creativity and interlocking concrete pavers!

Concrete pavers are durable, colorful and beautiful, a great way to create appealing, functional spaces you’ll want to spend time in. You don’t need an expansive backyard to enjoy spaces that enrich your life and make an impact. Pavers are a wonderful way to define a specific area you want to use for relaxation, grilling outdoors, or even as an outdoor dining space when the weather is nice.

Temperatures don’t fluctuate too wildly in the Bay Area, so it’s easy to enjoy time outdoors with friends, neighbors, or family almost any time of year. With interlocking concrete pavers it’s simple to incorporate color, texture, curves and walls to create a space to relax and “chill.” Throw in some comfy furniture, a few throws, just the right lighting, and maybe a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, and you’re ready to enjoy some quality time.

Even if a large, well-equipped outdoor kitchen is out of the question, how about a dedicated grilling space? Even a small 8′ x 8′ space where you can cook on the grill and perhaps include a small cabinet for utensils, platters, hot pads and other needs can lend to your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. When concrete pavers are used to define the area, you’ll see it’s way beyond the ordinary (and boring) concrete patio!

Now that you’re beginning to understand that small spaces can be functional and fabulous, we have a few additional tips.

Keep the clutter to a minimum. Lots of plants, toys, or too much decor overpowers a small space and makes it look even smaller.

Keep the view open. When you’re working with a small backyard space, what you don’t want are walls or tall objects that obstruct the view. Keep retaining walls low so you can take in your entire yard from your outdoor space.

Consider a focal point. Whether it’s a water fountain, fire pit or a stained glass piece you love, incorporate a feature that naturally draws the eye. Every space needs a focal point.

When you’re ready to take your small backyard to the next level, give The Paver Guys a call. Our Bay Area interlocking concrete paver pros make even what seems like the impossible possible!