Unbelievable Looks You Can Achieve With Concrete Pavers

You already know interlocking concrete pavers are one of the most popular materials for creating gorgeous and functional driveways, walkways, patios and more. What you may not know is that you can make your outdoor Bay Area spaces even more unique and distinctive, creating a “faux rug” look, area rugs and more! Who knew you could create nearly any look you could imagine in your own backyard?

The fact is, concrete pavers can be used to give the appearance of rugs and even separate “rooms” in your outdoor spaces. This is because there are so many colors, textures, shapes and designs to choose from, so it’s a simple matter to design distinct patterns that separate various areas of your outdoor rooms, patio or other spaces.

Have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? Create a cozy living room effect! This can be easily accomplished by using varying tones, textures and shapes in designing an “area rug” that integrates seamlessly into surrounding pavers, giving the distinct appearance and appeal of a cozy fireplace setting complete with rug.

If you have a large outdoor room or patio, how about dividing it into intimate spaces that are perfect for parties and conversation? This can also be accomplished by using concrete pavers to create “area rugs” that divide your outdoor spaces into clearly defined areas. How cool is that? Once you have your area rugs complete, finish it all up with furniture arrangements, lighting, plants, a fire pit – whatever gives each area the look and feel you’re after.

From “designer” rugs that include intricate swirl designs and arches or contemporary block patterns to a welcoming foyer for large patios or outdoor rooms created by using colors and textures that contrast, the looks you can create are endless. Long gone are the days of a square white concrete patio – and good riddance!

The truth is that with today’s concrete pavers, fire pits, water features, pergolas and other elements you can create outdoor spaces that are just as comfortable, beautiful and inviting as your indoor spaces. Summer months typically bring about very comfortable temperatures in the Bay Area, so why not make the most of the outdoors?

At The Paver Guys we excel above all others when it comes to creative design and installation of concrete pavers in any type of project. If you can envision it, we can deliver it! Give our Bay Area interlocking concrete paver experts a call today, and expect outdoor spaces that will continue to amaze you for years to come.