What Homeowners Want Most In Outdoor Living Spaces

An American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) survey conducted earlier this year revealed a lot about what consumers want most when it comes to outdoor living spaces, whether in single-family homes, retirement communities, or multi-family homes. Since our specialty is interlocking concrete paver projects and other hardscape elements in the Bay Area, we’re always interested to learn about the latest trends in outdoor living. Here’s what the survey found.

Which project types would be in highest demand this year? Low-maintenance landscapes, reduced lawn area, outdoor spaces that are flexible and designed for multi-purpose use, charging stations for smart phones and other devices, permeable paving and native plants, among others.

The study revealed the most popular outdoor recreation amenities for single- and multi-family residences along with the most popular outdoor design elements.

In terms of recreational amenities, the most popular for 2018 were expected to be swimming pools, recreation areas with dogs in mind, bocce courts, outdoor gyms and areas designated for other recreation such as cooking, entertaining and relaxing.

The most popular outdoor design elements is what got our attention! Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces ranked first in popularity among respondents at 66%. Coming in right behind fire elements was lighting and seating/dining areas. Other outdoor design elements that made the list included:

Outdoor kitchens
Theaters & stereo systems (TV/video/movies) internet/wireless
Outdoor heaters
Pools, whirlpools, hot tubs and other spa features

Outdoor structures expected to be most popular according to the study included decks, pergolas, arbors, porches, pavilions, gazebos, fencing, ramps, bars and other ADA accessible structures, and tool/garden sheds.

It’s clear that people are enjoying the outdoors more than ever before whether relaxing with friends or family, entertaining, or engaging in outdoor activities.

Interested in your own fire pit or outdoor fireplace? Is a beautiful pergola what you need to provide cover and spruce up your landscape? Maybe you’re thinking of a concrete paver pool deck, patio, or driveway. Whatever you have in mind to make your outdoor spaces more livable and inviting, our Bay Area concrete paver and hardscapes experts can bring it to life. Give us a call today!