Why A DIY Concrete Paver Patio Isn’t Such A Good Idea

Lots of homeowners around the Bay Area think they can save a bundle of money by installing an interlocking concrete paver patio themselves. It can’t be that difficult, right? The fact is there’s a lot more involved than meets the eye – and you do want your paver patio to remain level and beautiful, with no sinking or shifting pavers. Our goal is to help you invest in your property wisely; here is why we strongly recommend you stick with highly skilled professionals for your Bay Area paver patio project.

Laying pavers isn’t as easy as you might think. There are several factors to consider before you even begin laying pavers. For instance, do you have the right type of soil? Do you know how to design an effective drainage system so you don’t have problems in the future? The sand used in the foundation layer of your patio absolutely must be properly compressed or compacted, as this directly impacts the stability of your patio. Are you ready for all of this, and confident that your patio will look as beautiful and professional five years from now as the day you completed it? If you are, you should be working in the interlocking concrete paver business.

The last thing you want is for your patio to look like an amateur installed it. We’ve all been there, trying to save a little money but in the end, usually spending more to have our mistakes fixed by a professional. While a gorgeous and functional concrete paver patio can increase the value of your home, one that was obviously installed by an amateur will actually decrease your property’s value.

Here are a few things that scream “I built this paver patio myself.”

A surface that isn’t flat. Are there waves in your patio, areas that rise and fall? This will be a dead giveaway to your neighbors, family and friends that you took on the project yourself – unless, that is, you chose a contractor that does shoddy work.

Less than perfect cuts. Bad cuts are easy to make for someone who isn’t experienced, and stand out like a sore thumb. It takes years of practice and experience to make perfect cuts, so . . . have you been practicing?

Joint lines that are curvy rather than straight. The joint or bond lines must be straight, otherwise it will be obvious that your patio was a DIY project.

You can study up on how to install an interlocking concrete paver patio yourself, watch all the videos, read the “how to” blogs, etc. Even then, how can you be certain you won’t make a mistake along the way? You can’t, and chances are you will make a mistake and in the end have a patio that looks like you did it yourself. After spending the money on materials and pavers, do you really want this result?

Trust our Bay Area concrete paver professionals for your patio project; you’ll never regret the decision you made! Contact The Paver Guys today, and expect nothing less than excellence.