Why Are Interlocking Concrete Pavers Perfect As A Pool Deck?

In the San Francisco Bay Area temperatures can get downright hot in the summer months; anyone who remembers last summer can attest to that! There are days you want to relax around your pool, take a swim, or even have friends or family over for a pool party. Why should you consider interlocking concrete pavers over traditional concrete or wood decking? We have plenty of reasons and have listed a few of them below!

Concrete pavers will last forever. If you’ve ever had a wood deck or concrete walkway or driveway, you know wood can rot, splinter and warp, while traditional concrete often cracks or even crumbles in spots. You’ll never have these problems with pavers!

They’re a beautiful addition to your landscape. Why shouldn’t your pool area be a focal point of your backyard? It will be when you use interlocking pavers because of the ability to create extraordinarily beautiful and distinct designs due to the huge array of colors, shapes and textures.

They’re a safe alternative to stone or tile. We’ve all seen someone nearly slip and fall in a wet area surrounding a pool, but because of the texture of pavers they’re ideal for a pool deck and significantly reduce the chance of slipping.

Low maintenance. Every homeowner loves this one! Wood decks are anything but low maintenance, and tile/stones can be hard to keep clean. With interlocking concrete pavers you’ll rarely find yourself doing anything at all to maintain their beauty. All it takes is a little sweeping and occasional rinsing with a water hose, and you’re done!

Any damage that does occur is simple to repair. Unlike traditional concrete that’s all one massive piece or several large pieces, each concrete paver is separate. If one should crack, it’s a simple matter to have it replaced. Nothing to it.

They’re affordable. While a bit more costly than wood decking or traditional concrete, you have to consider other factors such as maintenance, repair, durability, etc. When you consider you’ll likely never need repairs and their extreme durability, concrete pavers are affordable. No costs to replace rotted or split wood, no cost for repairs of huge cracks or holes, it just makes sense.

If you have a pool or are having one installed, give our Bay Area interlocking concrete paver professionals a call before you choose any other type of material for your pool surround or deck. You will be glad you did!