Why Concrete Pavers Are Ideal For Walkways And Driveways

There are lots of options when you install a walkway or driveway, including poured concrete, gravel and other materials. If you’re installing a new driveway at your San Ramon home or updating an existing walkway/driveway, you may want to learn about the benefits of interlocking concrete pavers. Before you make a decision, consider that:

Concrete pavers are visually appealing. Because there are so many size, color and texture options, you can create a look that complements your home and adds immensely to curb appeal. From simple to elaborate, it’s all up to you!

They’re extremely durable. We all know how poured concrete tends to crack or crumble over time. Repairs can be expensive, and concrete is susceptible to staining. Concrete pavers are the best choice for driveways or walkways because of their durability. Because they shift with the earth, they’re less prone to cracking – and even if they do, all that’s required is replacing the damaged paver. Easy, and far less costly.

Low to no maintenance required. Interlocking concrete pavers don’t stain like concrete does, and they maintain their beautiful colors for decades. Sweep, rinse off with a water hose, that’s it!

They’re safer to walk on. When it rains, concrete can become slippery. Concrete pavers have a rougher surface, making them safer to walk on when the weather isn’t ideal.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider a paver driveway or walkway for your San Ramon home. Because of their aesthetic appeal and durability, projects using these beautiful pavers also increase the value of your property. To learn more or explore all of the options we have available, give The Paver Guys a call today!