Why You Should Never Install Concrete Pavers Over Old Concrete

As a Bay Area homeowner you may be considering interlocking concrete pavers, but think installing them over your existing concrete driveway or patio would be easier and less expensive. The fact is, this is NOT a good idea at all and doing so will compromise the primary benefits of having pavers installed in the first place!

Our installation professionals understand most homeowners don’t know how concrete pavers are installed and the reasons for the process. The information below will help you understand why it’s never recommended to install interlocking pavers over concrete.

Concrete isn’t flexible; interlocking concrete pavers are. Pavers are installed in a way that make them flexible so they can move with the earth when temperatures fluctuate. What happens with a hard concrete surface? Over time cracks and holes develop – this is because solid concrete is not flexible. Naturally, if the concrete beneath your pavers cracks it’s going to cause problems with the pavers as well.

Interlocking concrete pavers are installed using a unique foundation process. This process involves excavating the soil to a depth of anywhere between eight and 14 inches (depending on project) and replacing the material that has been removed with bedding sand, gravel and geotextile fabric. This entire process works to ensure your paver project has a solid, packed foundation that will allow your pavers to flex or move naturally with the earth, so you don’t experience cracks and other issues that frequently occur with regular concrete.

You wouldn’t construct a brand new house on an old foundation, and the same is true when you’re considering a paver driveway, patio or even a pool deck. Out with the old and in with the new – you’ll be happy years from now that you decided installing interlocking pavers over concrete was a really bad idea.

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