With Concrete Pavers, Retaining Walls Are Anything But Ordinary

Once upon a time, retaining walls were only functional and did little to enhance the landscape; in fact, most detracted from the beauty of an outdoor space. Whether you live in San Ramon, Walnut Creek or another city in the Bay Area, our interlocking paver professionals want you to know that things have changed! Today’s retaining walls can be both functional and add to curb appeal.

Retaining walls can be an important element of landscape design today, creating distinctive spaces while helping control the slope of a property, runoff, erosion and other potential damage. In fact, what you thought was a problematic slope could actually add to the unique appeal of your landscape when retaining walls are added.

Who knew you could tame a slope and create outdoor elements that are stunning at the same time? Concrete pavers are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Texture and color can complement your entire home and landscape, or contrast with other elements so that these areas stand apart and become a focal point.

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful landscape or backyard space to control sloping soil or improve drainage. Retaining walls built of interlocking concrete pavers, stone or other hardscape materials can be integrated into recreational spaces, gardens, multi-level patios or decks and other areas to add even more interest and beauty to your spaces.

Concrete blocks, old bricks, concrete and other “boring” materials traditionally used in retaining walls often leave you with a three or four foot tall straight line. It doesn’t do much at all to enhance your landscape or create a distinctive look. Using pavers, stone and other innovative materials it’s possible to design retaining walls that aren’t only beautiful, but add a more dramatic touch to your outdoor space with varying heights, curved areas, twists, turns – it just takes a little imagination and creativity, something our Bay Area concrete paver experts have plenty of.

If your property isn’t exactly flat or level and includes slopes, steep hills or areas where soil erosion is a problem, you might actually want to consider yourself lucky! Today’s retaining walls are far more than functional and can be an integral component of an eye-catching landscape. If you live in the Bay Area, give The Paver Guys a call today.